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Arun Narke is no longer an individual but an organization. Arun Narke has made an impact on his personality and work skills in various fields such as co-operation, education, sports, banking, agriculture, youth, politics and social. There is a ring called Arun Narke and this ring is further expanded by his international level performance in the dairy business. In Maharashtra, the name has gained social prestige.

Arun Narke's journey of 60 years of successful life is coming to an end in November and a new phase of his journey is about to begin. His birthday is a dream come true. From that point of view, all the members of the Narake family feel that this birthday should be celebrated with some new initiatives in order to make it a birthday that is determined to make some new dreams come true along with the traditional method.

By the time Arun Narke completes his half-century journey, a fund should be raised to commemorate his fiftieth birthday and many activities should be planned from that fund, considering the areas in which Arun Narke intended and worked And the idea was to work in that area as well. The idea alone raised about Rs 50 lakh. Our appeal was welcomed by organizations / individuals from all walks of life from Sanya area and village level to city. The Arun Narke Foundation actively responded to that idea by giving patience and proper guidance to the youth who are lost in today's age of competition while making them aware of their responsibilities. The Foundation has benefited from the guidance of many experts on how to make the best use of the marks they are currently being given for various competitive examinations.

There is a lot of work to be done in today's society. From social education to health and from business guidance to health and from business guidance to social enlightenment to the new generation, the work is to be done in collaboration with activists at various levels. Some works arise from labor, some works arise from guidance. But some works cannot stand without financial strength and that is why the Arun Narake Foundation needs to be strengthened. Social consciousness is still in place, the consciousness of sociality is still constantly awakening somewhere in the world through various occasions. The cooperation of such individuals / organizations is expected for this.

Arun Narke's family is scattered all over Maharashtra. It is hoped that Arun Narake's birthday will be celebrated in a different way and by launching new social activities, with a view to reviving the activities started earlier and everyone will co-operate in our activities.

Arun Dattatraya Narke is a prominent name in the social sphere. Narke's name was associated with the dairy business and co-operation due to his work in that field. He handled many small and big issues from rural to urban areas with a calm, restrained nature while maintaining a sense of social consciousness. It is said that there should be competitors in every field but there should be no enemies, but Arun Narke by his nature won over both the competitors and the enemies.

Running to help in a crisis is their motto. The attitude of encouraging the runner / hence he proved his uniqueness in all fields. But he never gave up his humility in proving it. Everyone from the senior, the superior to the grassroots activists want it. That's why! From co-operation, education, sports, agriculture, dairy business, he has supported many literary figures, poets and artists in various forms and has made his mark in these fields. This is a personality that is constantly focused on how to bring out the special qualities in a person!

Today, just like Arun Narake is dealing with various relationships like father, grandfather, father-in-law in the house, everyone in the family and friends feels Arun as Narake Saheb in business. Seeing the national / international awards he has won in various fields means that the leap of his dreams does not go unnoticed.

Now in November, Arun Narake is turning 60 years old. Arun Narake's personal life is not like that. So they have become a part of social life. Naturally, everyone expects his birthday to start with social work and it is our duty to fulfill that expectation and we are sure that we will fall short in fulfilling it. Baba Amte, a great social worker, has said in one place that hands are for raising, not for raising. Arun has traveled life with many hands till date. Arun Narke transformed many of the hands raised to carry the smoke of social work.

What more do you want from history than the fact that Arun Narake's decision to repay his debt in part is not to be wasted at all?