Future Activities

The Arun Narke Foundation has been striving for the last 25 years to maintain high commitment in competitive examinations as well as social commitment through various social initiatives. But it is very important for the expansion of this banyan tree to take place in the country and abroad along with Pune-Mumbai according to the changing times and changing conditions. That is why the organization is trying to implement activities in the following areas -

The Arun Narke Foundation has prepared a departmental plan of future activities keeping in view the aims and objectives of the organization. Future activities are planned according to this plan. The summary of these public welfare activities is as follows –


The decision to set up a Competitive Examination Guidance Center with the aim of involving rural youth in the administration was taken by the founders of the Foundation twenty-five years ago. This center has greatly benefited the youth in rural areas. To date, the Foundation has done an unparalleled job of training more than 4,000 administrative officers. The Foundation has decided to expand this work to rural and semi-urban areas of Maharashtra. At the same time to enable Anganwadis in rural areas. Our kindergarten project is to re-launch in urban slums, provide scientific career guidance and counseling after 10th-12th standard, conduct research in various fields, promote research, entrepreneurship and skill development in partnership with local and foreign universities. The Foundation has decided to start a short term certificate course.

Animal Husbandry Dairy and Fisheries Development

To provide education to the cattle breeders on modern more productive methods of animal husbandry, to provide facilities in this regard, to implement modern and productive activities in the dairy business, to educate the youth about fisheries and to provide other financial assistance, to reduce the additional burden on agriculture through employment.


Promoting and expanding the concept of co-operation among the youth, encouraging modern business to run on co-operative principle, providing guidance in this regard through an independent department.


Organizing art exhibitions for the growth and promotion of various arts, honoring and encouraging emerging artists in the field of art.


Filling matches of wrestling, football, kabaddi which are the specialty of Kolhapur, honoring the meritorious players, training the players in a scientific manner.