Goal & Objectives

ANF Goal

Hon'ble Trustee Mrs. Snigdha Narke presided over the establishment of Arun Narke Foundation with the aim of making all the objectives clear. Also, the slogan 'Manavata Hitaya Tatparam' was uttered by Hon'ble Director-General Dr. Shrikant Bankar testified that the organization aims to create a long-lasting, constructive work on every front of human interest and thereby uplift the standard of living of the society.

ANF Objectives

The organization has set its objectives in the form of ongoing and ongoing work towards the goals of the organization. To create basic, constructive, research-based teaching-training and enlightening activities in each department through the establishment of the departments like Education, Agriculture, Co-operation, Rural Development, Arts, Sports, Health, Animal Husbandry, Dairy-Fisheries Development, Urban Development, Women and Child Welfare, Disability and Rehabilitation, Social Justice, Environment, Literature, Language and Cultural Affairs, Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection, Labor Welfare, Minority Development, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Law and Justice, Planning, Tribal and Nomadic Development, Information Technology and Vida, Media.

ANF Mission

Arun Narke Foundation inspires, prepares and empowers students to succeed in a changing world.
This means:
  • To discover the potential of each candidate, make him understand his abilities and help him to realize his potential and broaden his perspectives.
  • We inspire students to learn and to develop as a whole person: intellectually, physically and emotionally.
  • We inspire students to continue learning throughout life and in pursuing excellence.
  • We prepare and empower students to be successful by helping them develop the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to enter or progress within the work force and to adapt and thrive in our increasingly diverse and ever-changing world.
  • To build an environment where the students can acquire self-confidence to competently and passionately absorb ANF teaching.

ANF Vision

To be a leader in transforming lives through innovative, rigorous and compassionate approach to education.
This means:
  • We continually strive to strengthen and improve the positive impact we have on our students and community: transforming their lives, as well as our own, through our work.
  • We will become known nationally as an institution that "makes a difference"
  • We continually strive to innovate – finding new and more effective ways to educate and serve students and help them achieving their goals.
  • We sustain rigor in our work – holding high standards and expectations for both our students and for ourselves thereby transforming lives.
  • We approach our work with compassion – acknowledging the whole person, working with integrity and caring, accepting people where they are and moving them forward without sacrificing standards or expectations; bringing joy, honesty and understanding to our work.