Arun Narke Saheb is known all over Maharashtra as a sage in the field of agriculture, dairy, co-operation and sports. Revered Narake Saheb has been making various contributions in these fields for more than five decades. The Arun Narke Foundation was established on 29-November-1994 by Narke Saheb and his family with the noble intention of establishing a charitable organization contributing to the social sector on the occasion of Narke Saheb's fiftieth birthday and spreading the work of mass upliftment on every front of social life. The founder of the organization, Shri. Arun Narke, Shri. Ramchandra Patankar, Shri. Ravindra Uberoi, Shri. P.T. Under Patil's leadership, the organization continued to flourish. Today, after successfully passing this milestone of '25 years', the post of President of the Foundation has passed to the new generation.

Mr. who is highly educated and has experience working in large world class organizations. Chetan Arun Narake is handling this responsibility of the post of President with great enthusiasm. There is going to be a big challenge to be world-conscious, moderate. Their sensitivity towards the society, accurate analysis, constant struggle to solve problems and hope for innovation will definitely lead to further development and expansion of the organization.

The new generation needs to know our glorious history while carrying forward this goal flag from the elders. Because he who forgets history does not understand the present and the future cannot be formed without understanding the present! From the establishment of the organization till today, the uninterrupted work of social welfare has been going on. It is hoped that a brief report on the history of the organization will be made available to the new generation. Presented by Chetan Narke. Founder Shri. Mr. Arun Narake welcomed the concept.

The director general of the organization, Dr. Shrikant Bunkar worked hard to prepare the report. The former president of the organization, Shri. Ramchandra Patankar, Shri. Ravindra Uberoi evoked fond memories of the organization through his writings. Old records, reports, photos, newspaper clippings, beneficiary feedback etc. were collected and documents related to the respective subjects were compiled in a systematic manner. Mrs. Yakami, senior clerk of the organization. Shubhangi Shelke, Competition Examination Guidance Center Shivaji Peth Branch Officer Ramesh Kamble, Nagala Park Branch Officer Mrs. Gauri Deshpande, Marketing Officer Shri. Mrs. Shashikant Carpenter, Project Officer of Ojas Niketan. Rajeshwari Pawar, Sou. Shubhangi Shinde, Sou. Ashwini Bodke, Shri. Prakash Shinde provided valuable assistance.

In compiling this report, a quick review of the work of the Arun Narake Foundation over the last '25 years', has sought to make it more readable without allowing it to become technical. Furthermore, the direction of future work is explained section by section. Along with this report, your suggestions, feedback, feedback on the various ongoing and proposed projects and initiatives of the organization are definitely welcome to help the growth of the organization. With this report, we are sure that our love affair with Arun Narake Foundation will be further strengthened.